SXUK : Ph.D. Programmes

Centre for Excellence in Research and Innovation (CERI)


The Center for Excellence in Research and Innovation is established as a part of St. Xavier's University, Kolkata to address knowledge deficit and skill gaps. This Centre for Excellence will help move the University to the next level of maturity model. This initiative will enable the University to stand up as a Multidisciplinary Education and Research University (MERU) which will create pace setting to get started on the path to multidisciplinary capacity, accreditation and autonomy with the mission to enable and support the University to develop into a Research driven University. Centre for Excellence will oversee and manage the development of the new institutional architecture with a clear articulated plan, milestones and commitment towards breaking the silos between disciplines in the University to encourage multi, inter, and cross-disciplinary conversation, interaction, events, education and research. Centre for Excellence shall catalyse and energise research and innovation across the University in all academic disciplines with a special focus on seeding and growing research thus creating a conducive ecosystem for research through competitive peer-reviewed funding, mentoring and facilitation.


Research Performance Framework


It is expected that all faculty across disciplines undertake research of the highest quality and continually seek to raise their level of research activity leading standards of excellence.

  1. High Quality Publications: Perform research at nationally and internationally recognised levels of excellence and regularly publish the results in leading outlets.
  2. Citations and other indicators of academic impact: Secure wide readership and academic impact for their research by using appropriate dissemination channels, including open access publication.
  3. Doctoral Supervision: Undertake doctoral supervision and satisfy the University expectations for the supervision of research scholars supporting the timely and successful completion of their research degrees.


The Board of Research (BoR) has been constituted to provide direction and supervise the Doctoral (Ph.D) programs. It comprises of:

  1. Rev. Dr. John Felix Raj, S.J. - The Chairperson
  2. Dr. Niraj Kumar - The Convener
  3. Rev. Dr. Soosai Nayagam, S.J.
  4. Dr. Soma Sur
  5. Dr. Debasis Poddar
  6. Dr. Somak Maitra
  7. Dr. Suranjan Das (External Expert)
  8. Dr. Sudipti Banerjee (External Expert) 
  1. Research Funding: Seek for research funding opportunities including peer reviewed grants from national and International funding bodies.
  2. Research Collaborations: Seek where appropriate to develop research collaborations with national or international quality partners (such as HEIs, Businesses, Government Bodies or NGOs).
  3. Research Integrity and Ethics: Embrace the values of research ethics and integrity as set out in the University's Code of Good Research Conduct.