XavUltra Talks

Dated : 02 Aug 2019

XavUltraTalks 02 Aug 2019
XavUltraTalks 02Aug2019


XavUltra Talks, another contrivance of Xavier Commerce and Management Society was an initiative led by the Working Committee of the same, based on the theme 'Nothing Beyond'. The endeavour was the Italic of the legacy 'choose to inspire' which comprised a panel of four experts in their respective fields who, through their exciting journey, motivated around 400 attendees present in the arena.

The basic concept of XavUltra Talks is the congratulation of great minds, acknowledging ideas from different discipline and presenting them in the form of powerful talks where their 'journey is worth sharing'.

Renowned Kolkata-based designer Agnimitra Paul quotes her journey to be "My Journey; Making it Fashionable". It started from the constant fight to disprove the remarks 'you are not going to make it' and today she is standing tall with her own lable- INGA throughout India

Mohammed Asif Iqbal, a successful consultant in PWC and the first visually-impaired MBA in India, rose like a phoenix to provide winning solutions for the visually-impaired from the community. His words, you don't need sight to have a vision" gave an insight of a true motivator.

Vikas Jain, our Keynote Speaker, a software professional with IBM and McAfee. He emphasized the ideologies of the theme and focused on self-learning as the medium of changing the world. His words and mission are true examples of a great leader.

Dinesh Trivedi, political leader and vehement critic elucidated how switching careers and gaining experience about different fields made him what he is today.

The event concluded with an interactive session as an aspiration to make it greater the next year.