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Filling and Submitting the Hostel Application Form

  1. MBA Students: Since the MBA Programme is a Residential one, all the MBA students will get accommodation automatically. However, they will have to do the following:
    1. Print out the Hostel Application Form and fill it up as required
    2. Sign the Application Form and also get the signature of your Parent/Guardian
    3. Pay online the fee of Rs. 1000 for Hostel Application Form
    4. Pay the Hostel Fee as stipulated below, before the commencement of the new academic year.
    5. Submit to the Hostel Director, the Filled-in Application Form, at the time of joining the Hostel.
  2. Other Students: The students of other courses (other than the MBA Programme), who want Hostel Facilities are expected to do the following:
    a) Bring the duly signed print out of the Hostel Application Form (which was submitted online) at the time of admission
    b) Submit the Filled-in Application Form to the Hostel Director, at the time of taking the admission to the University.
    c) Please note that only after obtaining the admission for your course in the University, your application for the Hostel accommodation will be considered.
    d) Admission to the Hostel is based on certain priorities and considerations: After allotting rooms for the MBA students (which is a Residential Programme), the priority is for the students whose residence is outside the city limit of Kolkata. If there is space, the local students may also be admitted.

The Available Facilities and the things to be brought by the Students:

All the rooms have the basic facilities as detailed below:

  1. The Hostel provides three types of rooms: a) Two-Bed Rooms, with common toilets; b) Three-Bed Rooms with attached toilet, and c) Two-Bed Rooms with attached toilet. Each room has a separate and fully covered balcony.
  2. All the rooms have the basic facilities as detailed below:
    a) For each student: a bed (35 inches x 78 inches) with frames and hooks for mosquito net, a reading and writing table, a chair, a steel almirah with dress hanging facility inside.
    b) Common Items in each room: full-size dressing mirror, wash basin with running water, small mirror above the wash basin, linen drying facility in the balcony, clothe hanger, curtain for the balcony (girls room only) curtain for all the windows, a lock for the room, with three keys - one for each student and one with the Hostel Office
    c) Common Items Available: common television, newspapers, gym, indoor games items, playgrounds (basketball, football, shuttle cock, throw ball, volleyball, cricket, etc.)
  3. The following things are to be brought by each student for his/her personal use, which will NOT be provided in the Hostel:
    a) Mattress and Pillow;
    b) Mosquito net;
    c) At least two sets of bed sheets;
    d) At least two bed covers;
    e) At least two pillowcases;
    f) At least one bucket and a mug;
    g) One or more winter blankets and warm clothing for winter;
    h) Personal clothes, towels, toilet articles, etc.;
    i) A drinking water bottle or flask;
    j) A suitcase/trunk with a good lock to keep valuables securely locked.

Other Important Information:

  1. A qualified nurse is available in the University campus throughout. The hostel students can approach her anytime for their health requirements.
  2. Any medical consultation with the University Nursing Staff is free for all the students, but the doctor's fee (if required) and other expense like medicines, etc. are to be borne by the students.
  3. Women students can purchase sanitary items in the University or in the Girls' Hostel.
  4. There is a proper security system in the premises of the Hostel throughout day and night.
  5. The Hostel has CCTV coverage in common places and in the surrounding areas to ensure safety.
  6. As a policy, no student-room in the Hostel will have Air Conditioning facilities.
  7. The students can bring their own laptops and data cards for their personal internet connectivity. The students can use their laptops in their rooms and the Wi-Fi/Internet facilities provided in the Hostel.
  8. Common desktop computers are available in the library and other places in the academic block.
  9. Printing facilities, photocopying facilities and canteen facilities (for tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, etc.) are available inside the campus - All these are chargeable.

Special Instructions to New Hostel Students:

  1. All the new students are expected to pay their Hostel Fee within the stipulated time before arriving at the Hostel.
  2. On payment of the Hostel Fees, the provisional admission to the Hostel will be automatically confirmed.
  3. There is no need to send any payment slip through email, as this is monitored through the online portal.
  4. Similarly, no acknowledgement email will be sent from the Hostel Administration regarding the receipt of the fees. All these are automated as the payment portal is the reference point both for the students and for the administration.
  5. All the Hostel students are expected to report to the Hostel one day prior to the commencement of their respective course.
  6. You are welcome to reach the Hostel one or two days earlier, provided you have the necessary permission from the Hostel Administration through email.
  7. For all communications with the Hostel Administration, the students should use the following email:
  8. The fee payments are done online or through RTGS/NEFT. In some special cases, DDs also are accepted. However, the best method is to pay online. In case of payment through RTGS/NEFT, the student must send a scanned copy of the payment slip that will be given by the bank, so that the finance department can verify the payment and make sure it does not get lost in the transaction.
  9. Payment Mode: Go to your payment portal and follow carefully the instructions given. In case of difficulty you may contact us:
  10. If you have already paid the Hostel Application Fee, you need to pay only the other amounts (Development Fee of Rs. 5000 + Caution Deposit of Rs. 5000 + the board and lodge fee [semester fee] as per your choice of room).


  • Details of Hostel Fees :

Application Fee (one time): 1,000
Development Fee (one time): 5,000
Board & Lodge Fee* per student per semester for a Two-Bed Room, with common toilet 60,000
Board & Lodge Fee* per student per semester for a Three-Bed Room, with attached toilet 66,000
Board & Lodge Fee* per student per semester for a Two-Bed Room, with attached toilet: 72,000
  • *Includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


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Hostel Facilities

St Xavier's University offers hostel facilities to its students, particularly to the students of MBA Degree Programme, as this programme is a residential one. Separate hostel buildings for women and men are available.
From June 2019, these hostels can accommodate about 500 students - 250 girls and 250 boys. Thus, in addition to the students of MBA, students taking other courses too can be accommodated. The hostel mess provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.