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Assessment & Grading System

Note : This is applicable to the New Curriculum (Batch of 2023-25 onwards)

  • MBA course offered by Xavier Business School (XBS) is a 2-Year Degree Programme with four areas of specializations offered – Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Business Analytics. The MBA Degree Programme has a total of 27 subjects, four of which carry 50 marks (2 credits), while the rest carry 100 marks (4 credits) each (Total 2500 marks). Besides these, there are three other additional requirements:

    a) There will be a Comprehensive Viva-Voce at the end of Semester II which carries 50 marks (2 Credits).

    b) Every student has to take up a Project Work on the basis of their Summer Internship and submit a report, which carries 100 marks (4 Credits) followed by a Viva-Voce of 50 marks (2 Credits) in Semester III.

    c) The students will be assessed for their Extra-curricular participation, which is of 100 marks (4 Credits).

  • For each subject (course), the ongoing assessments (CIA) carries 60% of the marks and the Semester-end Examination carries 40% of the marks. The ongoing assessment includes seminars, presentations, assignments, case studies and class tests.
  • So, total credits for the MBA Degree Program will be 112 (Full Marks : 2800), which includes 108 Academic Credits and 4 Non-Academic credits. No Academic credit will be awarded for a paper if the score for the paper is below 50%.
  • Non-Academic Credits can be earned through participation in Activities of Social Work/Outreach Program, Sports, and other Extra Curricular Activities within and outside the University, Participation in Conferences, Workshops etc., Involvement in activities organized by the Hostel and others as specified by the University from time to time.
  • The MBA course covers 19 Compulsory Management subjects. The Specialization subjects (Electives) are according to one’s choice, and each student has to choose 8 such Specialization Subjects (4 subjects in each of 3rd and 4th Semester).




Full Marks

Pass Marks


Ongoing Assessment

Sem-End Assessment

Compulsory Management Subjects

19 (68)





Specializations Subjects (Electives)

08 (32)





Project Work & Viva

01 (06)





Comprehensive Viva Voce

01 (02)





Non-Academic Activities

01 (04)






30 (112)





Grading System


Grade Point

Marks Equivalent


O 10 90% or More Outstanding
A+ 9 80% to 89.99% Excellent
A 8 79% to 79.99% Very Good
B+ 7 60% to 69.99% Good
B 6 55% to 59.99% Fair
C 5 50% to 54.99% Satisfactory
F 0 Below 50% Fail
AB Nil 0 Absent
X Nil 0 Administrative Penalty

Note : 1st Class Degree is awarded for marks 60% and above. 2nd Class Degree is awarded for marks between 50% to 59.99%

Pass Mark
In order to pass, a student has to get a minimum of 50% marks in the ongoing assessments (CIA) and a minimum of 50% marks in the Semester-end examinations. For the Project work and comprehensive viva voce, each student has to get a minimum of 50% of the marks whereas for extracurricular activities he/she has to get a minimum of 75% marks. If someone does not secure the minimum marks in each subject, he/she will have to repeat the failed subjects. A student has to pass in at least 50% of all papers of first and second semesters taken together or obtain 50% of total credits to continue from first year to second year. On failing to do so he/she may be permitted to re-enrol in the next academic session as a casual or regular student. A student who fails in any subject in the third and/or fourth Semester will have to appear in the supplementary examination which will be held after the publication of Semester IV results. There will be no supplementary examination for Project Work. A student, who fails in the extracurricular activities, will be required to fulfil some special programmes at his/her own cost, to be determined by the University.

The pattern of all written examinations, class tests as well as semester-end examinations, will be general in nature and practical in orientation, requiring creative and personalized answers. Hence, the students should not expect direct questions based on the different units of the curriculum.

Project Work
On completion of the 2nd semester, each student needs to undergo a mandatory Summer Internship Programme (SIP) for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. It acts as a stepping-stone for the management graduates by providing an exposure to the corporate world in their respective domains. SIP creates an opportunity to the students to gain real-life experience and build-up their networking skills. The University Placement Office will assist the students to make necessary contacts with different firms or organizations much in advance and identify one organization/firm where the student will carry out the Summer Internship.

The students are required to submit a project report based on their summer internship and undergo a viva-voce as part of the curriculum. To carry out this Project, each student will be guided by a faculty member and the student is expected to consult his/her guide regularly. The entire exercise must be carried out with seriousness and full concentration, as the performance in the Field Project will have a strong bearing on the placement opportunity of a student. Attendance at internship is compulsory and internship completion certificate from the competent authority of the respective organization is required to be submitted.