Xavier Law School : XLS

Xavier Law School (XLS) constitutes the latest contribution of St. Xavier's University, Kolkata toward legal education and research in India. A newly established school, the XLS is meant to bring in excellence in the realm of professional education of Law besides academic exposure in juridical studies as another applied domain of social science discipline.

At the initial point, XLS is scheduled to launch five-year integrated programmes :
BA-LLB (Hons.), B.Com-LLB (Hons.) shortly. With time-tested legacy in higher education, highly qualified members of the faculty, and state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, the XLS is set to emerge as a desired destination for quality legal education in time ahead.



Law Library: XLS is facilitated by its upcoming law library of its own with reading hall and lending cell to facilitate students. The reading room has had a separate section with collection of professional journals. XLS has also subscribed to online resources to access valuable reference study materials otherwise unavailable in public domain. There are computer facilities for the students in the reading room to access online resources.

Moot Court: Established with the purpose to bring in transformation in professional education,
XLS has a dedicated moot court hall to get budding lawyers duly trained to cope with the craftsmanship and mannerism in practice within the courtroom and to groom the next-generation lawyers worthy enough for the Bench and the Bar alike.

Sports Facilities: For comprehensive development of young souls in mind and spirit as stakeholders of St. Xavier's University, students of XLS are entitled to access diversified sports facilities inside the institutional premises; like all other Xaverians.

Students' Hostels: There are separate boys' and girls' hostels within the university campus. All outstation students may avail the facilities to stay inside the premises of the University. All reasonable facilities required for the hostel boards are available.

Well-equipped Classrooms: XLS offers multiple types of space as per requirement of pedagogy. Accordingly, different types of classrooms - amphitheatres, gallery-type classrooms and other spacious classrooms are available. All these air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual systems.

Legal Aid Clinic (LAC): For social responsibility of professional education, legal aid clinic is available at XLS with diversified objects: (i) simulation through practical exposure (ii) connect law through community at large. In its essence, LAC - of the students, by the students, for the students; with handholding facilities extended by members of the faculty.




Pedagogy: XLS is committed to offer creative pedagogy to connect students with teachers and their courses to be taught; thereby facilitating students to take interest in subjects concerned. Besides the classroom lecture sessions, interactive sessions, stimulation exercise, court visits, vacation internships, and the like, are meant to create difference in quality legal education at XLS. Students get exposure from invited lectures to be offered by people of eminence in diversified walks of life; besides veteran scholars in diversified domains of law in India and abroad alike. Like other schools, XLS is scheduled to emerge as a happening institution round the year.

Curriculum : BA-LLB (Hons.) | B.Com-LLB (Hons.)



The University has had vibrant research ecosystem with research centres, research projects and publications by stakeholders, namely, faculty, researchers and postgraduate students. Also, undergraduate Students are encouraged to get engaged in research activities as part of pedagogic process of XLS.



Dr. Debasis Poddar, Associate Professor in Law View Profile

Faculty Members:

A. Law
Prof. Anwesha Pal, Assistant Professor in Law
Dr. Debdatta Das, Assistant Professor in Law
Dr. Shelley Ghosh, Assistant Professor in Law

B. Other subjects:
Prof. Ankita Mukherjee, Assistant Professor in Sociology
Prof. Indrani Sengupta, Assistant Professor in Economics
Prof. Krishna Roy, Assistant Professor in Political Science
Prof. Sudipta Chakraborty, Assistant Professor in Commerce

Mr. Sandip Das

Mr. Prasun Sardar, Office Assistant

Contact us: Office of the Xavier Law School
Email: xlsoffice@sxuk.edu.in
Ph.: 033-6624-9849


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